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The paint shop has a multi-chamber design where individual technological steps, such as pretreatment, drying, powder application, and firing, are independent and individually adjustable. This concept ensures flexibility in setting individual parameters for the best possible solution to your technological requests. The effectiveness and flexibility provide sufficient capacity for other projects. We currently have 40% free capacity, which can be increased while maintaining the current technology.

Our main powder coating process is accompanied by other technologies:

  • bonding in a separate room with a controlled environment to ensure cleanliness and control over the bonding maturing process
  • wet painting in a painting box with 2*4*3 m dimensions
  • mechanical shop
  • minor assembly including the application of isolation materials

Testing the quality of applied paints is a priority. We have our own laboratory for basic mechanical and chemical trials. An accredited laboratory is used for complex testing.

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Types of Powder Paints


Powder coating is currently one of the most favored paint types, gaining popularity mainly due to its practical usage. It is constantly ready for use and will last you several years if stored correctly. This industrial coating is made from a mixture of resin, pigments, etc. Our paints can be used to treat surfaces of different materials in interiors and exteriors.

Powder paint types
  • ● Epoxy
  • ● Epoxy-polyester
  • ● Polyurethane
  • ● Polyester
  • ● Acrylic
Powder paint structures
  • Matte
  • Glossy
  • Semi-glossy
  • Structural
  • Metallic
  • Kladívkový

Powder coating process

JHow powder coating works:

  • Suspension and preparation of product

    Suspension and preparation of product: The preparation of the product occurs before the powder coating process. Covering up parts of the product that are meant to be protected from the paint application. Suspension is either manual or with the help of forklifts up to the weight of 2500 kg.

  • Automatic rinse

    Automatic rinse The first step is iron phosphating by spraying with jets in an automatic chamber. Phosphoric acid affects the metal and insoluble phosphates develop, they are bound in crystalline grids and have negative charges.

  • Drying

    The last part of pretreatment is drying. The product is moved on an automatic lane into an oven with circulating air at a temperature of 170 ° C. The product surface has to be completely dry before powder coating.

  • Paint application

    The paint application occurs after drying in an automatic spray cabin. Eight fully automatic spray guns apply the paint to the product. At the beginning and end, there is also a workstation for pre-spray or final spray of products with a challenging shape.

  • Firing

    The parts are routed to the hardening chamber oven after applying varnish. The powder melts, merges, and bakes (chemically reacts) into a compact hard layer. The chemical reaction causes polymer linking providing the surface durability against distortion. Fans circulate the heated air circulates. The temperature inside the hardening oven is in the range of about 140 - 220° C. The firing time is from about 10 - 30 minutes. The parts can be sent to assembly or further expedition immediately after cooling down. Once hardened, the surface can no longer melt or flow.

  • Packaging and expedition

    The finished product is prepared for packaging according to our customer and ready for further dispatch.


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