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We paint aluminum and other materials up to the length of 9.5 m, the height of 2.4 m, the width of 1.2 m, and up to the weight of 2500 kg.

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We offer solutions for your projects. Our installed technology allows us to paint desired materials (aluminum, steel, and stainless steel) up to the length of 9.5 m, the height of 2.4 m, the width of 1.2 m, and up to the weight of 2500 kg. To guarantee high-quality powder coating we implement a chemical and mechanical pretreatment on our painted surfaces with a spectrum of RAL paints. For special projects, we can provide multi-layer powder coating including bonding between each layer or wet coating if appropriate.

Further, we provide professional support together with testing according to the requirements of Qualicoat and GSB.

Frequently Asked Questions Answers to common questions from our customers:

No, our technology allows us to paint sizeable and heavy parts, but we are capable of painting smaller products or large number series of smaller products while optimally using our capacity. We currently paint products from 0.5 kg up to 2.3 tons.

Every material has a specific process to achieve an optimal surface before painting. We prepare the aluminum either mechanically or chemically, steel mechanically or chemically, where the chemical process has a different formula for each material and happens in a different chamber. For specific projects with requests for extreme anticorrosive resistance, we implement mechanical and chemical pretreatment. We only use mechanical pretreatment for stainless steel parts.

Our paint shop is certified according to ISO 9001 and all technological processes are set according to the Qualicoat standard.

We use a whole spectrum of pains and suppliers based on our customers' desires. We ensure special shades in RAL. Most applications are currently from paint suppliers: Akzonobel, IGP, Aksalta, and Tiger.

The multi-layer coating ensures higher anticorrosive resistance (iron - 480 hours in a neutral salt chamber, aluminum - 1500 hours in an acidic salt chamber).

A new addition to our offer

Laser sheet metal burning, CNC 3D bending press

We offer our customers the synergy of these machines and our powder coating plant.

Laser burning of sheet metal - table size 4 x 2m max. thickness of pallet material 20mm

CNC 3D bending press - 4000mm, program DELEM 69

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