The Diversity of Our Projects


Experience with large global projects but also aids in small orders for craftsmen. We can paint anything from small simple parts, to large gates to your house, to sizable complex parts for the train industry. Every new project is a challenge we are willing to take. The diversity of our projects allows us to continually improve and learn new procedures.

Our capacity is divided into three groups with similar capacity options:

  • Train projects for global customers - the most technically demanding project with a great focus on quality execution. One-layer coating, two-layer coating with bonding, but also a combination of powder coating with bonding and further wet coating. All of this is under strict monitoring of thickness of applied paint, the mechanical durability of varnish, corrosion resistance, and tightness of bonding. Since 2019 we have painted over a thousand sizeable parts in different executions.
  • One-time projects for construction - often very prestigious projects. Painted facade of AFI City Prague, Komplex Rustonka Prague, LA Galaxi, or even seats in the hockey arena of the NHL team SEATTLE KRAKEN.
  • Smaller orders for regular and one-time customers - the technological options of our paint shop allow us to serve a wide range of customers and to find the best solutions for their needs. Specific paint and shade? Substituting powder coating for a wet alternative? Even smaller projects bring interesting demands for various solutions.

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